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Steel / Painted Finish  Aluminum-AnodizedAluminum Painted  Aluminum Main Frame / Steel  Gooseneck
Tagalong / Bumper Hitch  Gooseneck  Fifth Wheel / Drop Deck
2-5/16" Ball  Pintle  Gooseneck 2-5/16" Ball  Gooseneck 2" Kingpin  5th Wheel 2" Kingpin
Tubular / Leaf Spring  Dually Tubular / Leaf Spring  Torsion
Electric  Hydraulic Drum  Disc, E-coated  Disc, Silver Cadmium  Disc, Stainless Steel
None (electric)  Electric / Hydraulic  Air / Hydraulic  Surge (tagalong trailers only)
None  Sport  Commercial
Standard  Goodyear
Steel OEM  Chrome  Aluminum  Alcoa Aluminum
None  2
Steel / Painted  Aluminum DiamondplatePolished Stainless SteelRubber  None 
Incandescent  LED
No  Yes
No  Fixed  SwingPlatform
No  Yes
No  Hand Winch  Electric  Electric w/ Mounted Battery
No  2
N/A  Steel / Painted  Aluminum Diamondplate
No  Yes
NoWide Load SignStrobes RearStrobes 3 SidesFlagsSign, Strobes & Flags