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Upgrade "E" rated 10 ply Import to Goodyear  4-IMPT>GY16E

Upgrade "G" rated 14 ply Import to Goodyear 4-IMPT>GY16G

Upgrade "H" rated 16 ply Import to Goodyear  4-IMPT>GY17H
Upgrade Std Steel 16x6 Wheel "E" to Alumimum  4-STL>ALUM16E

Upgrade Std Steel 16x6 Wheel "G" to Alumimum  4-STL>ALUM16G

Upgrade Std Steel 17-1/2x6-3/4 Wheel "H" to Alumimum  4-STL>ALUM17H

Upgrade Std Steel 16x6 Wheel "E" or "G" to Alcoa  4-STL>ALCOA16

Upgrade Std Steel 17-1/2x6-3/4 Wheel "H" to Alcoa  4-STL>ALCOA17
Upgrade Std Electric Drum to Disk - 6K Axles  4-DRUM>DISC6K

Upgrade Std Electric Drum to Disk - 7K Axles  4-DRUM>DISC7K

Upgrade Std Electric Drum to Disk - 8K Axles  4-DRUM>DISC8K
Upgrade Std 12,000lb Manual Crank Jack to Electro/Hydraulic Jack
with 12VDC battery, mounted                             4-JACK-EL-12K
Add 8K Electric Winch with battery                    4-WINCH-EL-08

Add 11K Electric Winch with battery                  4-WINCH-EL-11

Add 12K Electric Winch with battery                  4-WINCH-EL-12
Add 2) Amber Strobe Lights to rear of trailer                      4-STROBE-A-2

Upgrade Incandescent Lights to LED on 48' transport      4-LEDOPT-48T 

Upgrade Incandescent Lights to LED on 53' transport      4-LEDOPT-53T
Replace Steel Fenders-Tandem-w/ Aluminum Diamondplate  4-FNDRSTL>AL2

Replace Steel Fenders-Triple-w/ Aluminum Diamondplate      4-FNDRSTL>AL3

Replace Steel Fenders-Triple-w/ Polished Stainless Steel      4-FNDRSTL>SS3

Tool Boxes
Install Steel (painted) 36"x18"x18" Tool Box                         4-TOOLBOX-STL

Install Aluminum Diamondplate 36"x18"x18" Tool Box         4-TOOLBOX-AL
Replace Std 2-5/16" Gooseneck Ball with 5th Wheel          4-GNCPLR-FWHL

Replace Std 2-5/16" Tagalong Ball with Pintle Hitch             4-CPLR-PINTLE

Replace Std 2-5/16" Tagalong Ball with Stinger Hitch           4-CPLR-STING
Frame Modifications
Add 11" Side Ramps to TABG48 Series Trailer                    4-SIDERAMP48

Add 11" Side Ramps to TABG53 Series Trailer                    4-SIDERAMP53

Add 5' Removable Deck Sections                                          4-RDS-5

Modify 5' section of TAB trailer with car ramps to have         4-RCRS-5
removable car ramps                                                             4-RCRS-5

Install Aluminum Diamondplate Stoneguard on the              4-STONEGUARD
front of a transport trailer                                                      4-STONEGUARD

Install Steel Diamondplate Deck over top of Gooseneck     4-GN-DECK

Install Boat Rack Holders over top of Gooseneck               4-GN-TBR80
(Includes holders, Two 36" uprights & crossmember)         4-GN-TBR80

Install 6 Flag Holders for Wide Load Flags                           4-FLAGHLDR

Install 36" Flipouts for TAB Series trailers                             4-FLIPOUT36

Replace Steel Ramps with 7' Aluminum Ramps                   4-RAMP-STL>AL

Install Keel Pocket 10' on TAB Auto/Boat Trailers                 4-KPI10-AB

Install Keel Pocket 10' on TB Boat Trailers                            4-KPI10-B

Install D-Ring on Frame                                                           4-D-RING3X3

Supply Removable (Adjustable) D-Ring 3"                           4-DRING3-ADJ

Install Throw Bin on T(A)B48 Trailer                                       4-TB48-1

Install Throw Bin on T(A)B53 Trailer                                       4-TB53-1

Decrease length of TABx48 by 5' (price/5')                             4-TAB-5FT

Decrease length of TBx48 by 5' (price/5')                               4-TB-5FT

Paint Trailer Standard Black                                                    4-TR-BLACK

Paint Trailer Non-Standard White                                            4-TR-WHITE

Spare Tire mount for external bunk holders, removable       4-TIREMOUNT-xx

Click the Part Number links in blue if they are underlined to see a photo of the option
This is our current listing of available options for the transport trailers. If you don't see your desired option give us a call. Some of the best ideas we have included in this list are from our transporters!
BCG Series Page
Upgrade Std 12,000lb Manual Crank Jack to Dual Electro/Hydraulic
Jack with 2)12VDC batteries, mounted             4-JACK-EL-122